Skype for Business Conference Solutions

Skype for Business Conference Solutions

With our international reach, we can provide PSTN or Toll-free access numbers to extend the functionality of the feature-rich Skype for Business conferencing features.  Enabling a SIP trunk to allow external participants access to the Skype for Business conference bridge is often the first step customers will take to a full Skype for Business SIP trunk deployment. Historically customers have used dedicated conference providers like AT&T, Intercall, or Webex to provide hosted conferencing solutions. With Skype for Business, this can now be controlled in-house as well as providing the users with additional functionality like integration with Outlook, web-based presentations, and etc. The addition of international access numbers extends the reach of the conference bridge, providing significant savings over traditional conference solutions.

Pure IP Can Provide Two Types of Dedicated Conference Bridge Access Numbers:

  1. PSTN / Local Number: The local access or PSTN number is a number specific to a city or town in a country (i.e. Paris, Madrid or New York) with unmetered usage. The caller pays local number charges and the customer pays a fixed fee per month to rent the dedicated access number.
  2. Toll-Free / Freephone: A toll-free, Freephone, 800, 0800, or 1-800 number is a special telephone number which is free to the calling party, where the telephone carrier charges the called party the cost of the call.


A channel is a single voice path. A customer with 10 channels has the ability to receive 10 calls across any of the numbers assigned by Pure IP to the conference bridge.

Customer Setup

Customers decide on the type of access number required and the total number of channels that are required on the SIP trunk; for example, 10 European PSTN access numbers with 60 voice channels that can be shared across all numbers. Pure IP provides utilization graphs to show whether the channel volume is properly dimensioned which will eliminate congestion.

Pure IP Can Support The Following Methods of Voice Connection:

  • Direct connection to the on-premise Skype for Business mediation server.
  • Connection to any Skype for Business SBC.
  • PSTN redirect service where we can redirect any Skype for Business conference access number to an existing PSTN number and negate the need for a Skype for Business SIP trunk.
  • Connectivity can be over the public Internet or a dedicated voice circuit.

The configuration and implementation with an existing Skype For Business installation are straightforward and can be set up within 48 hours of order.

As with all services, Pure IP is happy to provide a free trial of our Skype for Business conference access numbers.