Skype for Business Session Border Controllers

Easy and controlled migration from ISDN to SIP

Session Border Controllers (SBC's) provide the essential interface between your VoIP network and legacy telephony equipment, TDM, PBXs and the PSTN. The devices support a wide variety of digital and analog telephony interfaces (E1/T1,PRI/ BRI, FXO/FXS) with flexible port density options to suit even the most complex of deployments. The underlying voice processing technology ensures exceptionally high levels of voice quality.

The implementation of the SBC during a Skype for Business or PBX migration allows the bridging of existing TDM infrastructure to the next generation technology.  In doing so, you can control the migration of trunks and numbers through configuration on the gateway.   

The feature-rich routing options in the gateways allow for a smooth migration of users from one PBX to Skype for Business or another telephony platform. It can also provide a solution for disaster recovery providing the connectivity with your local carrier in the event of a loss of connectivity to your SIP trunks.

Pure IP has over 11 years of experience in deploying and managing gateway solutions.