International Numbers

International Toll Free and Geographic numbers

Pure IP has one of the most comprehensive database of toll-free and geographic numbers spanning 95 countries.  The location of our points of presence have allowed us to leverage the collection of numbers from local carriers and deliver HD quality voice calls to the customer equipment.  Our solution has been developed to allow the migration of offices onto one network or the opportunity for customers to create a virtual presence.

All inbound calls can be transported via a secure TLS or TCP Lync connection, standard SIP trunk or PSTN.

To provide redundancy, we program each international geographic and toll-free numbers to fail-over to the PSTN or an alternative IP address in the event of a failure on Internet connection or customer equipment.

The service is designed to allow multiple types of applications and a number of call routing options that can be used individually or together, to accommodate the most specific of needs. The routing options allow your business to fully utilise its resources and manage its costs efficiently.

Pure IP have two types of numbers available:

International DID

A DID number is a local geographic number in a country and city of choice. For example London, Dublin or Sydney. Callers to this number pay a local call charge you as the owner only pay monthly rental. This type of number has unmetered usage.

Toll Free

Traditionally with toll free numbers, the caller does not pay any call charges, instead the customer is charged to receive a call.


Time Routing

Calls can be routed by Day of Year. For example on Bank Holidays your calls route as they would do on a Sunday.
By Day of Week.  For example weekend calls route to one call centre only.
Day of Month.  For example specific monthly days are chosen to route calls differently.
Time of day.  For example out of office hours calls divert to one call centre only

Advanced Routing

Automatic Failover-In the event of a local IP failure the call will be automatically rerouted.
The Online Portal enables you to actively manage routing in real-time


Gives easy access for customers worldwide to contact your company.
Creates a virtual presence in a country without the expense of establishing an office or hiring staff.
Migration of national and international offices onto one network and telephone system with built in redundancy
Ideal for managing out of country sales or design teams.  Assign a number in each country which routes to a conference bridge and staff can make calls without dialling internationally.

Our International Toll Free and geographic number service is set out in the attached PDF:


International toll-free numbers have a one off setup charge and per minute charge with a monthly minimum spend of $7.50 per number.
International geographic numbers are provided on the basis of a one-time setup charge and a monthly rental.
Additional channels can be purchased and vary on price based on the delivery mechanism.