The Pure IP ONE SD WAN Voice Solution

The Pure IP ONE delivers a fully-encrypted direct SD-WAN voice solution – via one device, one network, and one vendor

Graphic Stating Introducing the Pure IP ONE SD-WAN Solution


The Pure IP ONE SD WAN voice solution allows you to achieve the security, reliability, and redundancy of a point-to-point connection without the costly infrastructure and significant time commitment required of a traditional physical circuit connection.


The system is easy to install and effortless to maintain; simply connect the pre-configured SD WAN device (provided by Pure IP) to your office, and our in-house dedicated team of engineers will take care of the rest. The Pure IP ONE ensures dependability and security of voice communications by utilizing Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnels connected to geo-redundant Points of Presence (PoPs) with automatic re-routing — not requiring any action or intervention of the user — in case of failover.


Graphic showing icons that display quick deployment in as little as two weeks via easy-to-install and effortless to maintain SD-WAN device, strong encryption to keep your voice communications safe using VPN tunnels with automatic re-routing in case of failover, and cost effective by eliminating time commitments and costly infrastructure required with traditional circuit connections


The solution is designed to be flexible and agile, as well as able to seamlessly integrate with existing Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) infrastructure or additional SD WAN connections. Your system is supported 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, by an in-house, dedicated team of support engineers who have technical knowledge about your unique infrastructure, proactively monitor your system, and promptly respond to your questions.


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