Voice Access Circuits

Dedicated Voice Access Circuits ensure Quality of Service (QoS) on SIP Trunks

Customer migrating from ISDN to SIP trunks can use Pure IP for dedicated point to point Ethernet circuits to ensure the best possible quality of service is retained.

Pure IP have three models for physically interconnecting with customers using dedicated voice circuits,

Dedicated MPLS / Point to Point Circuit

Pure IP would provide a dedicated data circuit directly from the customers site to connect back into the Pure IP core network.  This is normally a fully transparent layer 2 point to point connection only used for voice traffic

Bring your own bandwidth.

Pure IP allows customers to use their existing corporate MPLS provider to connect to the Pure IP network via our primary interconnect points in London, New York, Singapore Sydney or Auckland.  Pure IP, in this scenario, will provide an access port on our core infrastructure or where necessary collocate routers in the  datacenters to complete the cross connect.

Customers have the option of using SIP over UDP, TCP or TLS in any of these scenarios. In all scenarios, for every 10 parallel calls 1Mbps of dedicated bandwidth is required. For example, customers looking to replace an T1 would need to allocate 24 channels and 2.4Mpbs of data to support the voice service without using compression.