Cloud Communications: The Key Benefits of UCaaS


August 28, 2019

With the ability to integrate services in the cloud, companies with UCaaS solutions have unprecedented access to communications technology, revolutionising the way companies connect, collaborate, and call. It’s no wonder then that UCaaS adoption is skyrocketing, with 29% of companies using cloud-based platforms for their communication needs. From increased cost savings to advanced voice features, read on to learn the key benefits of UCaaS:

Scalability: One of the greatest advantages of UCaaS is that companies don’t need to set up their own infrastructure, making it both cost-effective and scalable. Using the cloud also provides a consistent user experience across geographies, which is important for large companies that need to reach a global customer base, as well as for organisations that are looking to connect employees across onsite and remote locations. This scalability can be especially important for companies with significant high and low seasons as, with UCaaS, it’s easy to scale up IT investments during peak seasons, such as during the holiday months, and scale back down when those resources are no longer needed. Additionally, because it’s possible to deploy UCaaS as a hybrid solution, companies can flexibly determine their transition strategies based on their needs – a key feature for organisations with complex infrastructure requirements.

Customer Engagement: With UCaaS, companies can also develop tailored communication strategies for their customers and employees, which can include voice, video, messaging, and even desktop sharing integration. This customisability improves the end-user experience, especially when support is required throughout the buyer journey. For example, a support team can receive a message from a customer explaining a request, the next available agent can then connect with the customer over the phone to resolve the issue, and, after the call, documentation can be sent to the customer with a summary of the services provided - all within the same communications framework. Additionally, with analytics capabilities, including the ability to connect to CRM services and consumer data, UCaaS can also be used to gather relevant reporting information about sales calls and other communication services, ensuring decision-makers can develop data-driven strategies for their support teams.

Security: Notably, because all applications are in the cloud, technical teams can monitor networks and easily administer changes when vulnerabilities or threats arise. UCaaS also ensures calls aren’t degraded by re-routing call traffic during power outages, which is an important feature for business continuity. Not to mention, because UCaaS can be tailored to a business’s needs, companies can get the protection they need by mixing and matching solutions. For example, companies with strict data protection requirements can leverage technologies like SD-WAN to access critical security features, including encryption technology, intrusion prevention settings, and authentication for all devices and endpoints.

Advanced Voice Features: With the cloud, UCaaS users can integrate their services with other features for voice, such as call routing, contact management software, direct phone numbers, group intercom paging, voicemail to email, auto attendants, interactive voice response, and internet faxing. These features help companies develop a holistic voice communications network and efficiently connect customers and employees. Not to mention, there are many features included with collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams that are strategic for voice-centric companies. For example, the ability to see someone’s presence (whether they are offline or online) with Teams allows users to more efficiently plan calls and escalate communications from messaging to voice. In fact, with 19 million weekly active users, Teams is currently the world’s most popular business collaboration tool, due in part to these advanced features and the ability to integrate with third-party voice solutions.

Access Secure and Flexible Voice Communications

When upgrading to UCaaS, it’s critical to ensure that voice services are adaptable, secure, and future-proofed. For a smooth migration, companies must also ensure that their voice services are agile enough to integrate with existing systems and robust enough to connect offices worldwide. Luckily, this process doesn’t have to be completed alone. With Pure IP, you can access full PSTN replacement services in 38 countries, 11 global points of presence, and 24/7 dedicated support, all while taking advantage of industry-leading voice solutions – including SD-WAN and Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams.

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