Whether in-person or online, our expert-led events deliver crucial insight into all things enterprise voice. Essential listening for IT leaders, we cover the key topics and trends in cloud telephony with advice on how you can get more from your voice solution. 

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ACS and Microsoft Teams

Azure Communications Services (ACS) is the architecture that powers key functions in Microsoft Teams and the same technology is also available to end-users to add communication features like chat or voice to their apps. In our latest Coffee Club, we spoke to Microsoft MVP and Solutions Director at Pure IP, Tom Arbuthnot for an overview of ACS, how it works and how you can tap into its benefits.


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On-Demand Events

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Your Teams Phone questions answered

Before moving to Microsoft Teams Phone, businesses often have several questions from how to migrate their existing services to how to handle legacy infrastructure. We asked our experts the top questions we get from customers, and opened the floor to live Q & A.
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Understanding the Operator Connect Programs

For businesses looking to add PSTN calling to Microsoft Teams, Operator Connect has been a game changer. Hear from our expert panel as they discussed the options for Operator Connect with an overview of the original program, the Accelerator variant, and its solutions for voice and audio conferencing. (32 mins)
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Beginners Guide to Operator Connect

What is Operator Connect? In this quick video guide find out how it works, how it compares to Direct Routing and Microsoft Calling Plans, and if it’s the right option for your business.   (<5 mins)


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Managing telephone numbers in Mixed Environments

How can organizations manage their telephone numbers when they are dealing with disparate workforces and a mix of carriers and platforms? Our CEO Gary Forrest explains.   (11 mins)

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Adoption of Cloud Telephony?

Global lockdown restrictions ushered in a new way of working, and encouraged businesses to invest in Unified Communications. Watch for Tom Arbuthnot’s view on what COVID-19 meant for cloud telephony. (16 mins)
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Need to extend the life of you legacy telephony systems?

To ensure a successful transition to the cloud, businesses will need to carefully consider their legacy voice systems. Diana Florea explains how businesses can consolidate their legacy systems into one cloud telephony solution'  (13 mins)