Teams Device Management

A provisioning and management service for Teams compatible phone and meeting room devices, designed for medium to large multi-site businesses. 

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What is Teams Device Management?

Let Pure IP take the strain when it comes to your Teams related devices. While the software may have moved to the cloud, the need for physical on-premises devices still exists in the form of meeting room solutions, common area phones and even desktop telephones. 

The Teams Device Management service from Pure IP removes the need of having locally trained experts on site to provision, manage and maintain those physical Microsoft Teams compatible devices.  

The service combines a mix of proactive and reactive services to ensure your devices are set up correctly, remain up to date, always accessible, and get fixed quickly when the unfortunate happens. Teams Device Management includes remote provisioning, availability and incident management, monitoring*, monthly firmware update checks and quarterly asset report 

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Benefits of Teams Device Management

Outsourced expertise 

With our Microsoft Teams voice experts, it means you don’t need to have the knowledge in-house. 

Reduced administration 

Reduce the time and costs associated with setting up, managing, and maintaining your physical Teams related communications devices 

Global coverage 

With operational centres in Europe, North America and the far East, we have you covered 24/7 


We are trusted by millions daily to deliver robust and reliable voice communication services. We must be doing something right. 

How Device Management works

How does Device Management work
“We are helping customers reduce the overheads associated with the management of the physical device hardware - saving time, money and the potential pain. ”

Enterprise Solutions

Free-up IT resource and cut costs associated with setting up, managing, and maintaining your devices for Microsoft Teams. Our Device Management service is available as an add-on for these solutions.