Dedicated Voice Connectivity Protects Your Business


June 18, 2015

Effective and reliable communication is the lifeblood of  any global business. It seems remarkable therefore that the responsibility of this network is often left to the concern of only a select few in an IT department back at HQ. That is until a disaster occurs and the telephony or communications network is lost – then it jumps to the top of everyone’s priority list.

Network failures can be caused by anything from a natural disaster to fire, burglary or hacking - anything that disrupts the fiber network. Whatever it may be, the chance of receiving a forewarning when a failure is going to happen is extremely low and the potential for a negative financial impact is high.

For large global businesses with hundreds of employees at different office locations across the world, getting a network back up and running after a failure can cost the business thousands of pounds. Not just in costs to repair any physical damage, but also in lost revenue that could have been secured during the ‘blackout’ period.

Protecting your business against a telephony blackout or network failure should be of paramount concern when deciding on upgrading your telephony solution – as should security and crystal clear call quality. All three of which are achievable by adopting a dedicated voice circuit solution.

The modern global organization needs a modern telephony network that it can count on. If your existing telephony solution is approaching 20+ channels or you have a workforce of 100+ employees spread across different office locations – which is set to increase as the business continues to grow and be successful – then you should be considering a dedicated voice circuit to support your telephony and to connect your workforce.



What is the cost of a network outage to your business?

If you’re considering whether to upgrade to a solution and cost is a potential blocker to a final decision being made, then have you considered the cost a failure would have on the business should you lose connectivity. What options do you have as a backup in that situation? Effective communication is essential during a disaster – how will you achieve even basic employee calls to keep everyone informed of what steps are being taken to resolve the situation?

This is when having a solid disaster recovery plan for your communications network proves invaluable. The right planning for disaster recovery can help to manage the consequences of an unavoidable event and the outcome is long-term.

A dedicated voice circuit network provides instant backup to your telephony by rerouting your solution through a secure global network of data centers. Remote sites can quickly and easily reconnect to backup locations providing reassurance that your business will never suffer from a network failure. How valuable is this assurance to your business?

An extra layer of security

A dedicated voice circuit offers greater security and is often a requirement for businesses that are regulated which need enhanced privacy and security over their network – the Financial Standards Authority is a prime example of a governing body that enforces strict levels of security. However, a business that is spread across the globe should have a highly secure network to comply with the demands of multiple international regulatory bodies in a highly competitive global market.

Clear Call Quality

Call quality, or Quality of Service (QoS), is an added benefit of a dedicated voice circuit as a result of being able to assign priority to voice over data – essentially providing a dedicated line for voice traffic. Higher priority over your dedicated network means greater reliability, speed and overall call quality.

If you would like more information on dedicated voice circuits and how it could benefit your business then get in touch by clicking the button below and complete the short form. One of our team will be in touch to provide you with a free custom quotation for your specific requirements.

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