Six Reasons to Choose a SIP Trunk Solution


January 26, 2016

Competition between multinational companies is higher than ever, thanks to improvements in the global economy. However, that means more pressure  for CEOs to keep costs down and discover new income opportunities to stand out against competitors and gain a long term view of the financial health of the organization.

A standard method of decreasing organizational spend is streamlining the existing IT solutions. Newly published research from Technavio highlights that choosing to outsource has become an important tool to manage inefficiency and focus on core competencies.

The benefits of a SIP trunk system as an alternate telephony solution will outweigh the initial capital expenditure, especially where the previous operating system is spread across more local providers. Alternatively, if you have more than 100 employees spanning across a number of office locations, SIP trunking will be a great fit for you too.

The best thing about SIP trunking is that your employees can carry on with the day to day operations uninterrupted, hardly noticing the difference between the existing and new systems. It’s the organization itself that notices the upswing in efficiency and significant reduction in infrastructure and operating costs.

There is a minimum mandatory infrastructure investment

A SIP trunk can tap into your existing internet connection to provide VoIP services extremely quickly, with minimal disruption and no hardware costs.

A SIP trunk streamlines your calls and reduces conferencing costs

SIP trunking allows you to rationalize your ISDN-PRI infrastructure and remove the need to pay rental on the unused capacity. Renting an entire ISDN circuit is a thing of the past. Overall these changes can slash monthly expenditure by up to 95% to be funneled into other core competencies.

Your business can have a global presence

Incoming calls will never be left unanswered again, as SIP trunking allows calls to be rerouted to any national or international number within your company – with no extra cost. By adding international local Direct Inward Dialing Numbers (DIDs) to your telephony solution a call to San Francisco could be answered in London, Singapore, or Australia.

Easy to deploy new office locations no matter where they are in the world

All you need to connect your national and global workforce within the same network is a reliable internet connection. As your organization continues to take on the world, SIP trunking provides flexibility to add or amend a user’s location with little interruption.

Reduce the time spent/reliance on local network providers

Local network providers based overseas can be very frustrating to deal with, and can create a drain on internal resources. Instead of negotiating through language barriers and fighting for their attention, SIP trunking unites your services through global partners resulting in a single point of contact to manage the infrastructure.

Disaster recovery in the event of a failure

Protecting your network is vital, as unexpected failures and interruptions can create a huge cost when you take into account the loss of productivity and time spent resolving the issue. SIP trunking provides telephony blackout protection, network security and consistent HD quality.

As you can see, by outsourcing telephony operations, organizations receive flexibility and high quality service, allowing CIOs, CTOs and IT Directors to focus on core competencies and expand rapidly across the world.

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