Modality Systems Case Study: UC & SIP Trunking

Case Study

November 20, 2018

Modality Systems is specialized in providing enterprise collaboration and Unified Communications (UC) solutions based on Microsoft Skype for Business. They are a Microsoft Gold Communications and Cloud Productivity partner and are also an Elite Global Launch partner for Skype for Business, awarded in recognition of their best-in-class ability and commitment to meeting Microsoft customers’ evolving needs.

As a company, Modality Systems has experienced significant growth over the last two years with year-on-year increases in both revenue and headcount. Pure IP has been providing SIP trunking services to Modality for almost four years. Given Modality's position as an authority on UC, their selection of Pure IP as a SIP trunk provider speaks volumes. Both companies are forerunners in their respective fields and have been successfully operating together to provide different aspects of UC for several years.

Chris Irons, Senior Consultant, Modality explains how the relationship started, "As a service and consultancy business, we are essentially agnostic when it comes to choosing SIP trunk providers. We want to provide the right product to the right customer. We originally selected Pure IP to meet our requirements about three to four years ago. Being UC specialists, we know a thing or two about what to look for in a SIP trunking provider. We examined all the options and out of the competition, Pure IP was the stand-out organization for our business needs. Their service is first-rate, cost-effective and highly reliable. Essentially, they were the best-in-class partner and supplier- and they haven't disappointed us.”

SIP Trunking Specialists

As the technology industry grows more and more complicated, the role of the specialist is ever enhanced. While a big-picture overview is still essential, there is too much information for telephony engineers to reasonably be experts in all fields of telecoms. That's why it's much better to specialize in doing one thing – and doing it well.

Irons continues, “Pure IP focus solely on providing SIP trunks and that means they are very specialized in their chosen field. Being experts in SIP trunking and not covering all the varied aspects of telephony, we find their commercial, engineering and support team know their stuff.”

This viewpoint is in direct contrast to the 'big player' Telco providers with solutions spread across several communications technologies, including an enormous backbone of 'legacy systems' such as ISDN lines. SIP trunks only represent a small portion of their business, meaning engineers have a much less specialized focus.

“Although Pure IP needs to know a bit about traditional connectivity like ISDN lines, and they certainly have very knowledgeable engineers, they are particular specialists in the issues and gateways that affect SIP trunk customers, and for us, that expertise is a big bonus," explains Irons.

Skype for Business ‘Comes Naturally’

One of the primary reasons that that Modality has such synergy with Pure IP is that Pure IP uses Skype for Business internally and is one of only four companies in the US to have been endorsed by Microsoft as a qualified Microsoft SIP trunk provider – and is the only company to do so in the UK.

Tom Arbuthnot, the Principal Solutions Architect at Modality Systems, explains, “Pure IP’s use and understanding of Skype for Business is key to the relationship; we like to work with partners who live and breathe the same technology we do, and Pure IP understand this technology and market."

This Microsoft endorsement also means Pure IP can be connected directly with the Microsoft Skype for Business servers – specifically the Mediation Server, saying there is no need for an on-premise Session Border Controller. Pure IP can guarantee the security of all communications via Transport Layer Security (TLS) and create electronic fail safes and backup channels, meaning communications will never drop out, as it is automatically re-routed in the event of a disaster.

Confidence is crucial when you are providing a service as essential to business as communications and Irons highlights how Pure IP instills confidence with access to a robust infrastructure.

Reliability and Resilience: A Robust Infrastructure

"For us, is it much easier working with one organization that we wholly trust. Modality Systems run managed Skype for Business services for many customers across data centers around the world. Knowing that Pure IP have a resilient global network with multiple points of presence means that when we set up a new system, we have the option to target different data centers specifically and we can choose more than one. In the event of an emergency, we flip between the two for an entire service.” Irons continues, “Pure IP have multiple data centers around the world to choose where organizations can terminate their lines. The level of transparency and options Pure IP bring to customers, and their open, collaborative approach to working with customers is unique.”

Modality has moved offices a few times since they first partnered with Pure IP, but such is the simplicity and speed of Pure IP's solution that their communications have been up and running pretty much seamlessly throughout each move. As well as several moves, Modality has grown very rapidly, with nearly 500% growth of staff in the last three years and Pure IP has catered for all of that expansion in communications.

Service Standards: Open Channels of Communication

This expansion is not limited to the UK – Pure IP now provides Modality with at least seven SIP trunk lines in APAC, an office in Seattle and satellite locations in the Bay Area, supplemented by various 'home working' solutions.

Irons explains how Pure IP has supported this expansion, “Pure IP has helped us bring our Australian office online, with a variety of local Australian numbers that were quickly installed and then routed through our US data center. This idea means there was no need for the physical kit in branch sites. The simplicity of rapid expansion into new territory is what makes SIP trunking so attractive to businesses, when it is done well.”

Pure IP: International Reach with Flexible UC Services

Pure IP's SIP trunk lines are the very conduits for the UC services Modality provide. A great deal can be determined from the faith that Modality places in the service standards and absolute reliability of Pure IP's robust and transparent network of data centers.

As Irons concludes, "Since working with Pure IP, our SIP trunk solution just works. We don't have to do anything, it's just there, and whenever we have a new requirement Pure IP Is quick to help; we can’t ask for more in a SIP provider.”

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