Pure IP Now Offers Full PSTN Replacement in 38 Countries


June 12, 2019

Starting this month, Pure IP is proud to offer full PSTN replacement services in 38 countries. Now including Brazil, Croatia, and Cyprus, our services provide access to full CLI, local ring back, and emergency services to supported countries. Our expansive coverage also gives customers access to our Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solution, which includes failover engineering to geo-redundant secondary SBCs and encrypted, dedicated connections into Office 365.

List of countries that support full PSTN Replacement

Importantly, having a robust global communications infrastructure can significantly impact daily business operations for international companies. This includes corporations such as 888 Holdings, who have used our PTSN replacement services for their customer support teams in Gibraltar, Israel, Antigua, Romania, and the United States. Each product has toll-free customer support numbers in the company’s territories, allowing for the seamless transfer of inbound calls across regions: an important feature for companies looking to localise their voice communications.

'We now have the ability to set up new lines in new locations very quickly with only a single phone call to Pure IP needed to set it in motion,' said Raanan Baharal, IT Director at 888 Holdings. 'I know that at any point I can pick up the phone and immediately get through. This has a lot of value for me and gives me a lot of confidence in their service.'

Now with an increased global reach, we’re able to provide even more expansive coverage to international companies such as 888 Holdings.

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