Pure IP now offering full PSTN replacement services in 40 countries


August 19, 2020

Pure IP is proud to announce that we can now offer full PSTN replacement services in 40 countries worldwide, more than any other provider of enterprise telephony. Pure IP has added services in two new territories; Malaysia and Bulgaria, including access to our Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solution, full CLI, local ring back, and emergency services to supported countries.

40 PSTN Replacement Countries List

“More enterprises than ever are trying to connect dispersed teams in mixed telephony environments, while pursuing improvements to communication and collaboration,” said Gary Forrest, CEO of Pure IP, “Expanding the coverage of our already world-leading network will allow us to continue offering a best-in-class service to our customers while helping them to take full advantage of cloud telephony.”

Offering full PSTN replacement services allows businesses to make a seamless transition when retiring their PSTN services, or migrating their telephony to cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft Teams using Direct Routing.

“Our customers value the fact that we can offer full PSTN replacement services in so many countries,” Gary explains, “It makes the migration of services easier and avoids the need for the deployment of local hardware or services, reducing management time, complexity and costs.”

This announcement complements Pure IP’s other services and reinforces our position as a global provider, making our solutions an attractive proposition for any enterprise looking to consolidate services to a single voice provider that also offers a fully managed vendor-agnostic service. Pure IP’s global services portfolio now stretches to cover more than 90 countries.

In order to provide full PSTN replacement services, the network provider must fully comply with local regulations, such as those governing emergency numbers. Pure IP’s in-house experts are experienced with meeting even the most complex requirements, and are continually building relationships with carriers in new territories to support the needs of our growing multinational customer base.

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