Connect on-premises devices to the cloud with SIP Connect


March 25, 2021

If your organization is trying to migrate your telephony using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunks or cloud-based solutions, you’re probably familiar with the challenge of trying to get all of your legacy on-premises devices onboard too. Years of investment in various technologies that solve different problems can result in a jumble of fax machines, intercoms, door entry systems, tannoys, and video conferencing units that can be stubbornly resistant to your migration plans. Instead of having to write off all of those investments in pursuit of cloud communications, what if there was an easy way to get them online?

That’s why we are pleased to announce SIP Connect, Pure IP’s intelligent solution for connecting your analogue and SIP registered devices to your cloud telephony environment.

SIP Connect is an add-on to Pure IP’s fully managed voice service, SeRVE, that reduces your need for separate connections and services by providing connectivity to analogue devices using SIP endpoints. Not to be confused with a SIP trunk, SIP Connect works by creating a single SIP endpoint in the Pure IP voice network to which SIP registered devices, such as video conferencing units and Analogue Telephone Adapters (ATAs) can be connected to consolidate services. A SIP endpoint is any device that makes and/or receives calls through your SIP gateway, and allows analogue devices to act like any other SIP device linked to your central network.

SIP Connect diagram - white_SIP Connect copy-1

SIP Connect is ideal for organizations who have, or are, migrating telephony to the cloud with Unified Communications platforms such as Microsoft Teams, or are replacing traditional PSTN services with SIP, and can help you to:

    • Consolidate your services and management
    • Extend the life of your legacy systems
    • Gain centralized visibility over physical devices
    • Provide a unified user experience
    • Integrate your services
    • Port number ranges without having to order a new number for your legacy device, such as a fax machine
    • Provide added flexibility to relocate physical devices


Extend the life of your legacy systems with SIP Connect, the intelligent add-on service that connects your analogue and on-premises devices to your cloud environment, for simple migrations and simple management.

Alessandra Skarlatos

Alessandra joined Pure IP as the Content and Communications Manager in early 2020, after 5 years within the cinema technology sector.

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