Pure IP Expands Global Reach of Full PSTN Replacement Services to 50 Countries

November 29, 2023

Pure IP, a BCM One company and a leader in enterprise voice solutions globally, has announced today it has expanded its full PSTN replacement services to Latvia and Turkey, bringing the total number of countries served to 50. Earlier in the year, Pure IP had added South Korea. Additionally, Pure IP actively supports enterprise telephony users in nearly 80 countries, reinforcing its credentials and commitment to meeting the communication needs of multinational organisations that require proven voice solutions and expertise across borders.

In response to the growing demand for cloud-based voice solutions, Pure IP recognizes the importance of offering comprehensive coverage to businesses with multinational operations. “We are excited to have reached the 50-country milestone for providing licensed full PSTN replacement services, which shows our commitment to serving global businesses that are looking for one single cloud telephony provider,” stated Diana Florea, Technical Solutions Director at Pure IP. “However, while this number is significant, it only tells part of the story, as our global customers also care about the number of countries where we are actively supporting users, which currently sits at nearly 80, as well as the potential countries we could support, which is nearing 140.”

Pure IP’s commitment to delivering a dependable and high-quality enterprise voice service is reflected in its secure and robust network, offering features such as full CLI, local ring back, and emergency services across all regions. The company's agnostic approach allows connectivity to popular platforms like Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and Zoom Phone, while also supporting legacy devices and systems.

To view Pure IP’s coverage map, click here.

About Pure IP

Pure IP, a BCM One company, has been at the forefront of providing platform-agnostic enterprise voice communications for over 18 years. Trusted by millions daily, Pure IP connects the old with the new, integrating voice across the ever-evolving platforms, systems and applications to provide a single connected communications service to enable businesses to collaborate effectively in more locations than other providers. With full PSTN replacement services in 50 different countries, service coverage in a total of 137, supported by a progressive suite of services and a 24/7 follow-the-sun international support operations, Pure IP has the global capabilities to satisfy even the largest of multinational organisations.

Tania Morrill

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