Pure IP launch new partner program for US Telcos with Microsoft


October 17, 2022

Pure IP have today announced the launch of its eVoc2 Telco Enable partner program, aimed specifically at US-based Telcos, enabling them to quickly capitalize on the Teams voice opportunity by offering their end customers business telephony services with Microsoft Teams using Operator Connect. The program supports the drive by Microsoft to scale up the growth, enablement and adoption of Microsoft Teams for voice.

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Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that it had around 12 million active users of Teams for external telephony, which only represents approximately 5% of the total monthly active users of the platform meaning there is huge growth potential.

The Pure IP eVoc2 program – Electronically enabling Voice with Operator Connect through the power of 2 – is designed to help Telco partners capitalize on the Microsoft Teams potential and provide their clients with a way of capitalizing on the organizational benefits of cloud telephony.

The program combines access to Pure IP’s trusted and resilient cloud-based global voice network, with online automated tools for quick and easy provisioning and ordering, and a suite of support services for partners to seamlessly enable their customers with Teams voice.

Speaking about the program, Gary Forrest, CEO at Pure IP said:

“Events over the past two years have understandably accelerated the migration to cloud-based services, particularly in unified enterprise communications and collaboration. This represents a huge opportunity and a threat to incumbent providers in a dynamically changing market.”

He continues: “Telco providers are in a unique position of having their customer relationships and billing infrastructure in place, but like many are facing the challenges of how to adapt their offerings in a timely fashion to meet demands. Our Telco Enable program provides them with a quick resolution to that issue, and through a combination of our automation, API integration and service portfolio, we are ideally placed to help them light up Teams voice for their customers.”

In summary, Forrest said “We believe that our eVoc2 program offers Telco providers a cost-effective method of retaining and growing their business by helping their customers optimize the benefits of cloud telephony.”

eVoc2 utilizes Operator Connect for the delivery of voice services in Teams. Operator Connect was launched by Microsoft last year with Pure IP as one of the original launch partners, working alongside Microsoft throughout the development and go-live phases. Operator Connect is fast becoming the method of choice for businesses wanting to light up external voice services in Microsoft Teams, allowing them to combine third-party carrier services with the simplicity of managing services via their 365 Admin Center.

Commenting on becoming an Operator Connect partner, Gary Forrest states, “Although Microsoft have opened additional routes for new partners to offer Operator Connect, it can be a time-consuming, complex and potentially costly process. With eVoc2 we circumnavigate the need to for partners to become accredited in their own rights, fast-tracking them to be able to offer Operator Connect as an option for their customers.”

For further information see evoc2.pure-ip.com

Tania Morrill

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