Cisco Webex: An Introduction

Cisco's Webex platform offers a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions, including meetings, messaging, devices, webinars, events, polling, and Contact Center capabilities. Webex Calling enhances this ecosystem by adding enterprise voice, creating a unified business communication experience.

In our recent Coffee Club Live, a panel of Cisco experts introduced the Webex platform and shared best practices for adoption, with a focus on Webex Calling.

Key topics covered included:

  • An overview of Webex services, spanning collaboration tools to video conferencing.
  • The advantages of Webex Calling for your organization.
  • A step-by-step guide to migrating to Webex Calling, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Unique features of Webex Contact Center that improve customer interactions.
  • AI tools in Webex that are transforming the future of communication.

Pure IP is proud to be a Certified Calling Provider for Webex. For more information take a look at our solutions for Webex Calling.