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Trusted by millions daily to provide secure and reliable voice to power their business communications.

Pure IP – A global cloud voice connector

We connect the old with the new, integrating voice across platforms, systems and applications to provide a single connected communications service to enable businesses to collaborate effectively in more locations than other providers.

We offer a suite of services built around our own secure, reliable and adaptable global voice network, which is supported by a team of experienced voice engineers.

With geo-redundancy and resilience built-in, our flexible voice network has been designed to keep adapting to customer requirements as they evolve.

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Our Mission

Pure IP is dedicated to developing the most efficient way to deploy secure, resilient, state-of-the-art voice services across the globe.

Our core and only focus is voice.

Driven by Customer Success

Our inquisitive voice experts are driven by a desire to find better, smarter ways of solving problems for our customers, and we continually invest in service improvements. We don’t charge extra for this, it’s just who we are.

Agile & Adaptable

A dynamic organization, we prioritize adaptability so we can always deliver the latest, best solution for our customers. We don’t simply keep up, we lead the change in an ever-evolving market.

Creating Value

We create value by being faster and smarter, and deploying global voice services in more countries than any other provider.

Pure IP extends global reach

Pure IP offers full PSTN replacement services in 40 countries

With the announcement that Pure IP have added full PSTN replacement services in Malaysia and Bulgaria, Pure IP secures its position as the enterprise voice provider with the most comprehensive global coverage. Offering full PSTN replacement services allows businesses to make a seamless transition when retiring their PSTN services, or migrating their telephony to cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft Teams using Direct Routing.

Pure IP Opens Point-of-Presence (PoP) in EU

Pure IP extends its global footprint in Europe with the launch of its twelfth Point-of-Presence (PoP) in Amsterdam. The new PoP adds to our existing global network, providing further resiliency and options; especially for clients with a European presence.

Two New Solutions Launched

Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams is Launched

Pure IP becomes one of the first voice vendors to provide a direct routing solution for the newest platform in the Microsoft ecosystem. Direct Routing for Teams was developed by a team of engineers who have 10 years of experience as a Microsoft Partner as well as membership in the Microsoft Open Interoperability Program.

SD-WAN ONE is Introduced

Pure IP introduces a new connectivity option with the launch of the SD-WAN ONE solution. The SD-WAN ONE gives customers robust security combined with an extensive coverage network.

Pure IP Expands Reach With New Certifications & PoPs

Pure IP Opens Point-of-Presence (PoPs) in Hong Kong

Pure IP extends its global footprint in Asia with the launch of its eleventh Point-of-Presence (PoP) in Hong Kong. The new PoP localizes services for a growing number of customers in the region who require SIP Service to be closer to them.

Pure IP Earns Skype for Business Certification

Pure IP becomes Skype for Business certified and continues its legacy of Microsoft ecosystem product development and support. The certification ensures clients can effortlessly migrate their voice communications or seamlessly integrate new services into pre-existing infrastructure.

Pure IP Expands in Singapore and New Zealand with Two Points-of-Presences (PoPs)

Pure IP adds two additional Points-of-Presences (PoPs) in Singapore and New Zealand. The new PoPs provide additional support to the regions via geo-redundancy in case of unforeseen communication failure.

New PoPs & Operations Centers Expand Global Footprint

Pure IP Opens in Asia with Singapore-Based Operation

Pure IP establishes a Point-of-Presence (PoP) in Singapore. The new location expands Pure IP’s global footprint into Asia.

US Operations Center Opened

Pure IP launches its third operations center by opening a new office in the United States. Combined with operations centers in the United Kingdom and Australasia, the new location establishes a follow-the-sun support strategy in which customers can speak with an experienced in-house engineer at all times.

Pure IP Becomes Lync 2013 SIP Trunk Qualified

Pure IP becomes one of the first SIP trunking vendors to provide qualified trunks for Lync 2013. The announcement extends Pure IP’s working relationship with Microsoft and the Lync platform.

Australasia Operations Expand to Sydney

Pure IP opens a second office location in the Australasia region. The new location in Sydney, Australia support operations locally, as well as abroad.

Expands Client Base in the Gaming Community & Receives New Certifications

Pure IP Provides Over Two-Thirds of the Gibraltar Gaming Community with Telecommunications Services

Pure IP’s services reach over two-thirds of the gaming industry in Gibraltar, a major hub for online gaming. The company’s voice solutions become one of the leading telecommunication providers for the region.

Pure IP Becomes Microsoft Lync 2010 Certified

Pure IP earns Microsoft Lync 2010 certification for its solutions. This expansion of services provides Lync users a trusted voice partner who has the expertise to provide truly international communication options.

Support Operations Extended to New Zealand

Pure IP completes first major support operations expansion into Auckland, New Zealand. The development brings Pure IP’s solutions to a new region and increases in-house client support to provide effortless assistance for its international customers.

Pure IP Receives Contract with Newroz Telecom to provide hosted SIP in Kurdistan

Pure IP expands service to Kurdistan via partnership with Newroz Telecom, a leading telecommunication firm in the region. The contract agreement establishes a new relationship between Pure IP and a major service provider in the Middle East.

Investments & International PoPs Lead to New Coverage Areas

Pure IP Invests in New Softswitch Platform for International Expansion

Pure IP invests in a new Softswitch API to effortlessly expand international service around the world. The new API helps seamlessly bridge public switched telephone network (PSTN) and Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP).

First Overseas Point-of-Presence (PoPs) Opened in the US & China

Pure IP opens strategically-located Point-of-Presence (PoPs) in multiple locations around the world. Its first PoPs in the US and China become the basis for an international network.

Pure IP Earns Contract with HQ for Multinational Defense in Basra

Pure IP expands global coverage by earning a defense contract in the Middle Eastern country of Basra. The agreement establishes coverage in the Middle Eastern region and continues the company’s expanding relationships with governmental organizations.

Pure IP Commences Service for the Ministry of Defense in Gibraltar

Pure IP receives its first United Kingdom government contract with a service installation for the Ministry of Defense in Gibraltar. The contract helps establish the country in the economically growing region of Gibraltar.

Pure IP is Founded

Pure IP begins operations in London as a SIP trunking provider for enterprise communications. The company is founded based on the belief that expert customer support and a singular focus on voice solutions is key for business success.

The Pure IP Leadership Team

Gary Forrest, Chief Executive Officer
Gary Forrest
Chief Executive Officer
Gary Forrest, Chief Executive Officer

Gary Forrest

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer

Gary Forrest is founder and CEO of Pure IP. Since its inception in 2004, Gary has helped guide Pure IP to sustained success and year-over-year double digit growth.

Prior to Pure IP, Gary founded and took public the first electronic press monitoring business in the UK, Clipserver Plc, and has sat on the board of other UK and Hong Kong listed companies involved in a variety of sectors. His key interests and passion are the adoption of technology to bring business and process efficiencies. At Pure IP, Gary continuously drives the company past the status quo to ensure its solutions are staying ahead of the competition and consistently overdelivering for customers.

At Pure IP, we have developed as a business by always challenging the status quo to improve the way we work and deliver services to our customers. The drive and enthusiasm of our staff are the key to our success in effecting these improvements in a constantly evolving sector.

Tristan Dean, Chief Technical Officer
Tristan Dean
Chief Technical Officer
Tristan Dean, Chief Technical Officer

Tristan Dean

Chief Technical Officer
Chief Technical Officer

In 2010, Tristan Dean joined Pure IP as the Operations Manager at the company’s New Zealand office before transitioning into his current executive role as Chief Technical Officer in 2017.

Before working with Pure IP, Tristan worked in various network operation roles with the telecommunications company, CallPlus, and his own IT consulting firm, Techie Consultancy. His extensive background in the industry has provided Pure IP with essential expertise that helps drive innovative and customer-focused product development year-after-year.

At Pure IP, we are constantly challenged to do better and given ample opportunities to do so. This drive comes from a commitment to excellence and delivering impeccable customer service. I look forward to each day with the company as it brings new chances to learn, improve, and contribute to an exciting workplace.

David Walsh
Chief Financial Officer

David Walsh

Chief Financial Officer
Chief Financial Officer

David Walsh is an experienced financial accounting and tax expert who leverages has background to help guide Pure IP’s finance team. Since joining Pure IP as a financial accountant in 2013, he has played an integral role in building the accounting team and improving overall workflows as the company has grown.

Before joining Pure IP, David worked at a “Big Four” accountancy where he developed his skills in the field. His expertise within the industry has helped him take on diverse challenges and manage a growing team at Pure IP.

The thing I enjoy most about working at Pure IP are the challenges and experience I receive working in a dynamic business environment. It’s exciting to come to an office where compliance and technology play a key role in my day-to-day work.

Tara-Elese Galea, Operations Director
Tara-Elese Galea
Operations Director
Tara-Elese Galea, Operations Director

Tara-Elese Galea

Operations Director
Operations Director

Tara-Elese Galea is Pure IP’s Operations Director based in the company’s US office. She has extensive experience in the telecommunication space having worked in the field for over ten years. Her career with Pure IP began in 2011 when she started work as a Senior VOIP Engineer in the company’s London office.

Along with her work at Pure IP, Tara previously held Voice Engineer position at the Maltese telecommunications company, Melita. She received her bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the University of Malta in 2007.

Working for Pure IP is very rewarding. Each of us are part of an organization where your input counts and you are treated as more than just a number. You also get to work with multiple technologies, designs, and projects which keeps every day exciting.

Diana Florea, Technical Solutions Director
Diana Florea
Technical Solutions Director
Diana Florea, Technical Solutions Director

Diana Florea

Technical Solutions Director
Technical Solutions Director

Diana Florea is an experienced telecommunications engineer who has worked in a diverse set of roles over her career with Pure IP. Since joining the company in 2010, Diana has been able to quickly take on both senior and managerial positions at the company.

Before joining Pure IP, Diana served as a Technical Support Engineer with the London-based telecommunications firm, VoiceFlex. Diana studied at the Technical University of Cluj Napoca, Romania where she earned her degree in electronics, telecommunications, and IT.

Pure IP is a fast-moving and innovative company with fantastic products and customer service. I have been working at Pure IP for almost nine years and have seen the company rapidly grow over the years. I am so proud to be part of a smart team full of friendly people with a passion for technology and customer service. The work is always challenging but has helped me learn and continuously feel inspired to achieve even more.

Ian Guest, Marketing Director
Ian Guest
Marketing Director
Ian Guest, Marketing Director

Ian Guest

Marketing Director
Marketing Director

Based in the London office, Ian Guest joined the team in 2019 and is responsible for Pure IP’s global Marketing activity. He combines his passion for marketing and a customer led approach with a strong belief in the power of technology to change things for the better, but recognizes that the real wonder of technology is in how it is applied.

Ian has over 25 years’ experience of Marketing in the telecoms and UC space working in senior positions for brands such as Philips, NEC and Modality Systems.

Pure IP is an agile, well run business built upon a solid reputation of reliability, honesty and technical capability. We put immense store in the relationships we have with customers and partners which is at the heart of our continued success, alongside our adaptability. The business is constantly evolving and continues to successfully punch above our weight in many ways.

Certification & Integration with Leading Providers including Microsoft

Seamlessly migrate your voice communication systems in as little as 48 hours with Pure IP’s vendor and platform-neutral solutions – designed for interoperability with all network and PBX systems. Our experience working with leading Unified Communications (UC) providers, PBX manufacturers, and cloud communications specialists guarantees your unique voice infrastructure requirements will be met with ease.

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