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Trusted by Millions to Power Business Communications


Users connected for one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies.


Delivering voice and conferencing services to users in 16 countries for a global Pharmaceutical giant


Providing voice services for one of the world’s top multinational insurance groups, with users in 14 countries

Layer 2-1

Supporting many of the largest global online gaming companies with voice services

Layer -1-1

Keeping the wheels of finance turning with voice services for a leading global investment bank

Layer -2-1

Trusted to deliver emergency services calls

Net Promoter Score

When asked in a recent NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey how likely would they be to recommend Pure IP, 75% of our customers were categorized as promoters, saying said they were very likely to recommend Pure IP. In addition, none would recommend against Pure IP. 

 “If someone is asking what could be the best vendor? I would directly say, without anything else in my mind, Pure IP, just go ahead with them” 

“I’ve already recommended Pure IP” 

“They are the most professional company that I deal with.” 

“They do a fantastic job for us and the reliability it’s not an area where I really have to focus much attention and time on because it just works” 

“The responsiveness of account manager and customer service is very good. The stability has been excellent” 

“I trust them” 

Committed to Client Satisfaction

“Pure IP have been there to support us through every step of our development and continue to provide us with the highest level of service. Over the years, we have built a valuable relationship based on trust, and we value the flexibility and expertise they demonstrate in all of our interactions. They have some very good people and have never let us down.”

IT Director
Bassadone Automotive Group

“I know that at any point I can pick up the phone and immediately get through to someone on Pure IP. [Pure IP’s work] was done extremely well, to a very high standard and the delivery was excellent. Now we have the cloud service we need operating perfectly.”


IT Director
888 Holdings Inc.

“Service standards on a day-to-day basis, rather than just the build, is where Pure IP really excels. The experience [with Pure IP] is very different to other companies.”

Senior Director of Enterprise and IT Operations
Direct Data Networks (DDN)

“We looked at other providers but no one else could provide the in-country services we needed in the way we wanted. Pure IP has better vendor partnerships and covers everywhere from China, to Russia, to Australia.”

Global IT Unified Communications Engineer