Dynamics Call Connect

Add external calling to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Center using Azure Communications Services and Pure IP.

What is Dynamics Call Connect?

Dynamics Call Connect allows businesses to enhance their customer service by enabling seamless inbound and outbound calling within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Center.

Utilizing a flexible ‘bring your own carrier’ model via Microsoft Azure Direct Routing, this service provides PSTN numbers for 50 countries and inbound-only numbers for an additional 137 countries, all from the cloud.

Our dedicated SBC as a service model allows for easy integration of existing PBXs, Contact Centers, or other operator numbers into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Center, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient communication solution.

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Benefits of Dynamics Call Connect

Cloud Azure Direct Routing covering 50 countries  

Inbound and Outbound Numbers for 50 countries for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Voice Channel 

Connect any PBX or PSTN service to Dynamics via dedicated managed Session Border Controllers  

Interconnect your existing PBX or Contact Center into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Center

24/7 Managed Service  

Both our cloud Azure Direct Routing and dedicated SBCs are covered by 24/7 technical-led global support  

Management portal and full reporting  

Beyond voice, our expert team are here to answer any Microsoft Teams question, from devices to apps to governance to collaboration  

How Dynamics Call Connect works

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“We are enabling you to embed telephony into your customer service process, providing you with an intuitive and truly unified ‘in-application’ experience for users and customers.”

Enterprise Solutions

Make and take calls, and manage your numbers from directly within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Center, with Dynamics Call Connect. Available as an add-on for these solutions.