Managed SBC Services

Fully managed service options designed to support existing customers who have a need or desire to locate Session Border Controllers (SBC’s) on-premises.


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Take the burden out of managing
Session Border Controllers

SBC’s play a vital role in protecting any SIP communications environment and in providing connectivity to the outside world. While many prefer to utilize a cloud-based or centralized option, there are still certain circumstance where an on-premises SBC may be required or desired. On-premises SBC’s require both knowledge and resources to deploy and maintain.

Pure IP’s SBC Managed Service is an add-on service available to existing customers, that removes the burden of managing on-premises SBCs within your communications environment and can provide extended geographic reach of your voice services.

Delivered remotely, this service can help you with any, or all, of the different stages from the initial supply, configuration and deployment of an SBC, through to its ongoing management.

When might it be used?

  • In regions where full PSTN replacement services are not yet available
  • Where on-premises SBC’s are required to support hybrid telephony environments
  • During a phased migration to the cloud
  • When you have existing on-premises SBC’s you wish to keep but need support in managing them


  • Management: The comfort and convenience of outsourcing the management responsibility.
  • Speed: Quickly identify and resolve issues before they become problems.
  • Expertise: The experience needed to diminish risks and uncertainties
  • Knowledge: The know-how to handle complex requirements and trouble shoot effectively
  • Focus: Providing the resource when internal capacity is limited
  • Global: A globally supported service providing you a solution in those hard-to-reach regions

The different SBC Managed Service options

SBC Self-Managed

Choose this option if you would like Pure IP to provide the SBC, but want to maintain control over configuring, managing, and monitoring the equipment yourself.

SBC Managed

For businesses that have existing on-premise SBC’s or wish to provide the SBC but want to outsource the management of them need support managing their estate. It includes everything you need to keep your SBC’s up to date, including any initial configuration where needed, change management, monitoring, updates, back-ups and more.

SBC as a Service (SBCaaS)

SBCaaS is a fully managed service, including the provision of the SBC hardware, delivered with a comprehensive suite of technical support, management, monitoring, and update services.

SBCaaS Migration Plus

This service includes all the same features as the SBCaaS option, but is provided on a short-term basis to support the smooth migration of voice services from legacy environments to the cloud.

Enterprise Solutions

Ensure coverage in those hard-to-reach places without the hassle. Add our SBC management service to these enterprise solutions.