Teams Mobile Connect

Transform mobile phones into fully featured Teams Phone end-points with native network voice quality and no apps.

Pure IP’s Mobile Connect for Microsoft Teams, powered by Tango Extend, allows you to securely extend Teams calling functionality to a mobile device without the need for any additional applications.

This Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model is ideally suited to mobile-first, nomadic and frontline workers, and provides organizations with a cost-effective and secure solution to seamlessly connect non-desk based users across the organization.

Features of Mobile Connect

  • Use the mobile dialer to make and receive calls using a Teams Phone number.
  • Enable BYOD workers to securely use a personal device for business calls.
  • Keep business and personal communications separate and secure.
  • Apply Teams call routing policies to mobile business calls.
  • Seamlessly extend business communications to frontline and knowledge workers.
  • Ability to record Teams Phone communications for compliance or quality monitoring.
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Benefits of Mobile Connect

Cost-effective: Reduce business costs by eliminating company-issued mobile devices.

Secure: Provide a secure business line extension on personal mobile phones allowing for differentiation between business and personal calls while retaining security measures and calling features from your Microsoft Teams business account.

Unified voice service: Single number calling for a unified user and customer experience.

Single supplier: Available as an extension of Pure IP's fully managed, cloud-based global voice services. That means you can work with a single provider for simplified administration, billing and support.

App-free convenience: With no app required, users experience high-quality calls while using the device’s native dialing interface. This ensures a natural calling experience, sidestepping potential call quality challenges associated with data-dependent apps.

Privacy and data-free communication: Mobile Connect utilizes the secondary business SIM card for all business-related calls. This ensures that personal data remains untouched and business communications do not contribute to the user's personal data usage.

Quick and easy installation: Using an eSIM with simple QR provisioning, set-up can be done in a matter of minutes. This eliminates the need for in-person resource, reducing costs and streamlining the deployment process.

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How Mobile Connect Works

Pure IP's Mobile Connect seamlessly integrates Microsoft Teams Phone functionality into almost any mobile device, utilizing eSIM technology by Tango Networks.

Mobile Connect bridges your Microsoft Teams Operator Connect or Direct Routing number to an eSIM via Teams SIP Gateway. This eSIM acts as a secondary SIM on the user's phone, enabling calls through their Microsoft Teams Phone number without requiring the Teams app.

Calls are made and received using your mobile's native dialer, all routed via Microsoft Teams for a unified presence, voicemail, and compliance recording if enabled. It is ideal for users wanting to use their Teams number on a personal/BYOD device hassle-free.

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Requirements for Mobile Connect

  • A Teams Phone License, which can be included in an E5 subscription or as an add-on
  • A Teams Direct Routing or Operator Connect setup with an assigned DID/DDI from Pure IP
  • A mobile phone that supports eSIM technology

Want to get started?

Getting up and running with Mobile Connect is quick and can be provisioned via QR code within a matter of minutes.

To get started with Mobile Connect, or learn more about the solution, please complete the form and a member of our team will reach out shortly.