Why You Shouldn't Settle for Poor Customer Service


October 15, 2015

Why do so many people settle for poor customer experience? We often find ourselves questioning why businesses tolerate standards of service they would be ashamed to provide. Despite struggling to get information, pricing and even a contract from their selected Unified Communications provider, many customers still persevere and frequently put up with terrible customer service from the ‘faceless’ big-players in the market.
It's apparent that a considerable gap in quality standards has opened up between smaller, more agile 21st century globalized Unified Communications Providers (like the team here at Pure IP), and some of the 20th century telecoms behemoths that have enjoyed decades of monopoly provision and have grown complacent instead of developing customer service standards that meet modern expectations.

It is often the case that the networks of these big carriers can’t even cover all of the global markets required, so customers can end up with a compromised communications network with no one on the end of the phone to help them when it goes wrong. Don't become an organization that suffers from the restrictions that beset these larger companies - partner with a Unified Communications provider that has the agility to aggregate services across multiple carriers and can provide a broader service to their customers that the older and larger companies can't match.

Despite the obvious drawbacks of a compromised network, many IT specialists still find one of the 'big name' providers to be an easier sell when pitching a United Communications provider within their own organizations. Indeed, in many large companies there is often a default mechanism for partnering with other large companies that can make the whole process seem much easier. However, by doing so, the IT specialists or UC managers are allowing for the situation to arise where their business is taken for granted – therefore they may be inviting complacency in the standards of service they receive without fully knowing it.

At Pure IP we've noticed a change. People are much less willing to be treated as a faceless ticket being passed from pillar to post within a vast labyrinthine call center system. Unified Communications specialists are no longer willing to tolerate poor service, and are demanding higher standards and a truly global service from their Unified Communications provider.

So what should customers be expecting from their Unified Communications providers?

Tailored Service

There's no justification for a one-size-fits-all approach when SIP trunking services are by their nature so very flexible. No one should be paying for services they don't require that have been bundled into a preset 'package'. Likewise, should you require any changes to your offering, this should be available quickly because you should demand flexibility.

Global business is agile, fast-moving and responsive. You shouldn't be left waiting days or even weeks for new SIP trunk lines, channels or points of presence to be established, when it is entirely possible to get these things done quickly with a simple phone call.

Responsive Service

Customers shouldn't settle for being given a ticket and told to wait, a simple phone call should result in a guaranteed and immediate response from a recognizable individual – who you will be able to contact again. At Pure IP's core is a commitment to providing  personalized service.

Personal Service

This is a factor that sets Pure IP apart from other Unified Communications providers. With Pure IP, you are only ever two phone calls away from a personal meeting, and there is always a responsive and recognizable individual at the other end of the phone.

Follow-the-Sun Customer Service

All our services are backed by a truly global 24/7 customer support team operating from our offices in London, San Francisco and Auckland.

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