888 Holdings Case Study

Case Study

November 18, 2018

888 Holdings is an online gaming pioneer that started one of the world’s first online casinos in 1997. Now, over 20 years later, the company has expanded rapidly with offices based in Gibraltar, Israel, Antigua, Romania, and most recently the United States. These global offices support an extensive infrastructure of voice communication resources for 888’s customer support teams around the world.

Managing voice services for all of 888’s international offices and clients can be a challenge with expenditures totaling hundreds of thousands of minutes on incoming call time every month. To ensure effortless communications, the organization has leveraged SIP trunking technology from Pure IP since 2005. Pure IP has been a valued partner for the online gaming firm each step of the way, helping the company develop new services and ensuring flexible voice communications powered by the cloud.

“We tendered our business to three or four participants, including Pure IP who made a very big effort to demonstrate the worthwhile benefits of working with them. We are still with them years later, so they are definitely doing something right,” said Raanan Baharal, IT Director at 888 Holdings.

Seamlessly Provision International “1-800” Numbers

888’s primary use case with Pure IP is to provide toll-free customer support numbers for its myriad of products. Each brand has a dedicated number in each of the territories the organization does business. All of these lines are powered over the internet in order to provide flexibility in provisioning and a centralized system for easier management.

About 95 percent of the calls on 888’s lines are related to either customer support, VIP, or fraud management. The majority of traffic on these lines is predominantly inbound, local toll-free calls that are set to terminate based on individual territories. This allows for the seamless transfer of inbound calls across regions and departments.

For public-facing companies like 888, it is vital to that they have the ability to quickly set up new lines globally. Given their massive support demands they need to be able to setup a new call with as little hassle as possible. The IT team at 888 found that working with Pure IP made it easy for them to get up and running across the globe with as little as a phone call.

“We now have the ability to set up new lines in new locations very quickly with only a single phone call to Pure IP needed to set it in motion,” said Baharal.

Quality Support for Your Customer Service Communications

Given the demands of 888’s customer support teams, the company understood the importance of quality support. They are in a fast-moving industry that is constantly evolving which is why they had key demands when looking for voice communication providers. For 888, having flexibility and qualified 24/7 support, wasn’t just a request but a necessity.

Pure IP prides itself on a follow-the-sun support strategy that means clients can reach an in-house engineer by simply picking up the phone at any time of the day. We have three strategically placed international operations centers located in the United States, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. For 888, that meant they would receive the type of support they provide for their customers.

“We need to be incredibly flexible – perhaps more so than most other businesses. I know that at any point I can pick up the phone and immediately get through. This has a lot of value for me and gives me a lot of confidence in their service,” added Baharal.

Faster Provisioning with the Cloud

The online gaming industry is quickly evolving with new regulation opening up where gambling can take place. Given the influx of gambling around the world, 888 needed a voice solution that could quickly provision local numbers for their unique needs. The organization came to Pure IP to do just that after it opened up three offices in Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey.

Pure IP’s expertise in the specific industry of voice communications meant that company engineers could work closely with 888 to find the right solution to fit their needs. The organization’s IT team was able to consult with Pure IP to discover a solution that was able to leverage their pre-existing infrastructure and international number routing requirements. What they discovered was that Pure IP had the ideal combination of expertise and services to provide them with a singular voice solution from one vendor.

“Pure IP took it on themselves to redesign and redevelop their platform to bring it to a level that would satisfy 888 Holdings and that basically allowed me to have 100% cloud solution. This was done extremely well, to a very high standard and the delivery was excellent. Now we have the cloud service we need operating perfectly,” continued Baharal.

Pure IP: An Easy Bet to Make

Pure IP provides unique advantages for today’s global corporations. SIP-enabled communications can unlock the expansive Pure IP network in order to provide a seamless provision of services. Clients are able to leverage a voice solution that includes full PSTN replacement in 32+ countries, coverage in 90 countries, and conference lines for 64 countries.

Each of Pure IP’s solution is reinforced by the organization’s enterprise voice expertise, follow-the-sun customer support strategy, as well as an extensive list of certifications for its vendor-neutral solutions. Whether an international corporation with offices in diverse nations around the world or a nonprofit opening an office overseas, Pure IP can help you via effortless setup for your system that fits with your own unique requirements.

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