Pure IP CEO Discusses the Future of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing


June 6, 2019

San Francisco, Ca, June 6, 2019 – Gary Forrest, founder and CEO of Pure IP, participated in a panel at Ribbon Perspectives19, an annual event hosted by Ribbon Communications that celebrates the latest in communications technology.

Video of Ribbon Perspective19 panel explaining how Microsoft Teams is revolutionizaing enterprise voice

The panel, which included several UC leaders, discussed the future of Microsoft Teams and how it has been helping  companies improve global, real-time collaboration. Kevin Isacks, VP of Edge Engineering at Ribbon, expects massive growth for corporate voice communications. He explained that Teams’ improved ability to make calls to offices worldwide is increasing adoption.

'You can slowly migrate the enterprise away from the on-premise infrastructure and connect it up to Teams that’s sitting in the cloud, bring your existing carrier contracts, [and] use carrier Direct Routing to be able to offer a true cloud service,' said Isacks. 'Before Direct Routing there was no real way to do that. Yes, there were Microsoft calling plans, but they weren’t global. They weren’t a worldwide service.'

The launch of Teams has streamlined communication and ensured that voice communications can be used to help offices share important information internationally. Teams allows users to combine multiple workloads into one application and can integrate directly with third party solutions such as applications for contact centres and call recording. As stated by the panel, this adaptability both simplifies adoption for offices and greatly improves the efficiency of Direct Routing with third party carriers, such as Pure IP.

'We’re building out an international footprint that allows customers to source numbers and have PSTN replacement services in over 65 countries,' said Gary Forrest. '[By] coupling that with Direct Routing, [we can] give customers that want to accelerate into the cloud the ability to do so.'

Other key benefits examined by the panel include Teams’ simple onboarding process and its widespread functionality. Rather than having to completely overhaul their existing systems, the experts explained that companies can slowly migrate away from their on-premises architecture. This allows corporations to transition strategically, an important feature for large-scale migrations.

Due to the minimal footprint and smooth migration process provided by Direct Routing and enabled by Teams, the experts believe it may provide the true endgame solution.

Watch the full panel video here.

About Pure IP

Pure IP has been connecting global and domestic corporations with exceptional SIP trunking services for more than 15 years. Offering full PSTN replacement in 36 countries, seamless integration with leading Unified Communications platforms, and 24/7 international support through its three global operations centres, Pure IP takes pride in solving complex voice challenges backed by outstanding customer service and technical excellence.

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