New features added to the Pure IP Customer Portal


August 27, 2020

We are pleased to announce that the Pure IP Customer Portal has been enhanced with two new features:

  • Microsoft Teams migration function
  • The introduction of multi-factor authentication

The Customer Portal is an online platform specifically designed for Pure IP clients, where they can easily and securely manage and monitor their Pure IP services.

We are always updating the Customer Portal, log in to see what’s new

Do-it-yourself Microsoft Teams migrations

Pure IP customers with a Microsoft Teams Direct Routing trunk can now migrate their existing numbers to Microsoft Teams at the push of a button.

Users will find a new “Migrate to Teams”, option within the Technical menu in the Customer Portal, which will open the below screen. Once there, simply select the numbers you would like to migrate to Teams, and Pure IP’s automated system will complete the migration for you within minutes.

Teams migration screenshot 

Multi-factor authentication

From August 31st, 2020, customers can enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) on the Customer Portal for added security by contacting their account manager or This feature adds an extra layer of security to your account by requiring the input of a one-time code sent to your mobile phone or email address, in addition to your username and password.

As a part of updating the Customer Portal with these new features, all users will be prompted to reset their passwords on August 31st, 2020.

Feature-rich customer platform

These updates are the latest addition to what is already a feature rich platform that allows customers to take control of their services with extensive management tools and insights such as:

  • Monitoring and management analytics and reports: Customers have easy access to key analytics related to their voice services illustrated in graphs, charts and tables, providing insights on call quality, cost, volume, destinations and more. Some of the more popular reports include:
    • Call quality
    • Top call destinations by cost
    • Top outbound call destinations by volume
    • The simultaneous calls in the last hour, both inbound and outbound
    • Top inbound numbers by volume
    • Billing breakdown charts by service type and month
  • Billing: Customers also have access to the latest billing information related to their account including invoices, call rates, account usage, and past payments.
  • Exporting Call Detail Records (CDR): Here, customers can filter and search through their organization’s inbound and outbound calls and channel utilization and export ranges or specific CDRs.
  • Managing your services: Providing customers with the ability to easily add more numbers and additional services, get quotes, view and modify their current services, export the details of all of their lines, and drill down into their monthly charges. They can also set thresholds for channel usage or billing to receive automated notifications when those limits are close to being reached, as well as schedule IP or PSTN routes to be automatically activated.
  • Managing support tickets: Clients can view all the support tickets that have been opened in the last 3 months, as well as raise new tickets and send enquiries to our technical support team, directly from the portal.
  • Contact us: Get in touch with our teams, or leave us a suggestion for the features you would like to see added to the Customer Portal next – we’re always adding new functionality and services and love incorporating feedback from our customers!

To find out more about the Pure IP Customer Portal, contact your account manager or send us an email to

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