Bridging the Gap in Mobile Communication for Frontline and Hybrid Workers

March 20, 2024

The shift to remote work, and the reliance on mobile and frontline workers in various industries, has led to a significant rise in the number of deskless workers. According to a report from Emergence, an estimated 80% of the global workforce now operates in a deskless capacity, relying on technology solutions to stay connected. And one of the key ways frontline and hybrid workers are staying connected is with their mobile phones.
For businesses using Microsoft Teams, the platform has come a long way in empowering remote workers to stay connected outside of the office and bringing frontline workers into the fold with new integrations. And while the Microsoft Teams app for mobile has made it easier to connect to the platform on-the-go, there remains some challenges for those taking mobile calls:

  • Costs of company-issued devices: High initial costs for purchasing devices, recurring expenses for maintenance and upgrades, and added expenses for mobile service plans and data usage.
  • Security and Compliance: Many organizations are hesitant to allow access on personal phones due to security and compliance reasons, leading to the need to issue corporate devices.
  • Mobile data consumption: Microsoft Teams can consume significant data while making audio or video calls, which can lead to high data costs for users with limited data plans using their personal phones.
  • Dependence on a good internet connection: The performance of the Microsoft Teams mobile app hinges on a stable and robust internet connection. Any fluctuations in bandwidth can lead to poor call quality, interruptions, or even dropped calls.
  • Lack of native calling experience: The Microsoft Teams mobile app does not utilize the native phone dialer for making or receiving calls. This makes the calling experience less natural and intuitive for users accustomed to traditional phone calls. Consequently, this could lead to reduced usage or adoption of the Teams app for mobile calls.

Introducing Pure IP's Mobile Connect, powered by Tango Extend 

To address the challenges faced by frontline and remote users in taking their Microsoft Teams calls on the go, Pure IP has partnered with Tango Networks to offer Mobile Connect for Microsoft Teams which enables your Microsoft Teams Operator Connect or Direct Routing number to "bridge" with an eSIM via Teams SIP Gateway. 

The solution allows a user’s Teams Phone number to be used on a mobile phone via a secondary eSIM, on either a business or personal mobile device. It enables a user's mobile phone to act as an endpoint for Teams, allowing calls to be made from the native dialer of virtually any mobile phone. 

In this setup, a pre-configured eSIM card can be embedded directly into a device without the need for an app, which allows users to switch mobile devices without the need to physically swap SIM cards. There's no requirement for the Teams app to make and receive phone calls from the mobile with the user’s Teams Phone number. All calls are routed via Microsoft Teams, providing a single unified presence, voicemail and compliance recording if it is enabled on the tenant.
Pure IP frontline worker visual

The Benefits for Users and Businesses

Mobile Connect for Teams offers a range of benefits that enhance the user experience, improve connectivity, and boost productivity. With the ability to seamlessly switch between devices, users can enjoy the ease of use and flexibility it provides. It also allows remote workers to take their calls as they would in the office, while cost efficiency and hardware savings make it an attractive option for businesses looking to optimize their communication systems.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminates the need and associated costs with business phones: Integrates a secure business line into personal phones, reducing reliance on company-provided mobile devices and eliminates the inconvenience around carrying around two phones. This is all available at a fraction of the cost as a business phone. See Tango’s Value Calculator to find out how much you can save here.
  • Mobile-first approach: Eliminates the need for desk phones, allowing users to access all features and functionalities from their mobile handsets.
  • Dual personas: Automatically separates business contacts from personal contacts, ensuring complete distinction between calls.
  • Mobile recording: Enables capturing and recording of business calls through the existing UC platform, while keeping personal calls private.
  • No app required: Utilizes the native phone dialer for a natural and high quality calling experience.
  • Quick and easy installation using eSIM with simple QR provisioning, allowing for remote setup in a matter of minutes.

Getting Started and Next Steps

For Mobile Connect to work for your users, you'll need:

  • Teams Phone License (included in E5 or add-on)
  • DiD/DDI assigned in Teams and PSTN connectivity via Direct Routing or Operator Connect
  • An unlocked mobile phone that supports eSIM

Ready to take the next step or interested in learning more? Please fill in your details here and our team will get in touch with you.


Tania Morrill

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