New Teams Voice Event Series Explains What You Need to Know in 2024


January 10, 2024

PureIP_CoffeeClub_forlight_logoMicrosoft Teams has emerged as a vital tool for contemporary business communication and collaboration, continuously expanding its capabilities over the years. And due to its widespread use the platform is advancing rapidly, adapting to the ever-changing business landscape.  

Our first Coffee Club live series of the year featured three events with key insights you need to know about Microsoft Teams in 2024. Catch-up on demand with all three events now.


Past Events: Catch-up On Demand

Accelerating Adoption of Microsoft Teams Voice - Overcoming Common Migration Challenges 

Migrating to Microsoft Teams Voice offers immense potential for businesses to enhance communication and collaboration. However, the transition process from legacy environments requires careful planning, execution, and a deep understanding of the complexities involved. Whether you are considering a migration or already in the process, this event will provide valuable knowledge and resources to ensure a successful transition covering:

  • Understanding the migration landscape: Common pitfalls, pain points, and potential roadblocks faced by enterprises as they migrate to Teams voice.
  • Creating a seamless migration plan: Discover the essential steps and best practices for planning a successful migration. Plan for frontline workers and their unique considerations.
  • Overcoming technical complexities: Dive into the technical intricacies associated with migrating to Teams Voice. 
  • Addressing security and compliance concerns: Gain insights into security and compliance considerations when migrating to Teams Voice. Discover best practices for safeguarding sensitive data, ensuring regulatory compliance, and maintaining a secure communication environment. 


Leveraging Copilot for Microsoft Teams Voice: Seizing the AI Opportunity 

By incorporating Copilot into Microsoft Teams Voice, you gain access to an AI-powered tool that transforms your enterprise's approach to managing and enhancing business communication. But to get the full advantages of Copilot businesses need to understand its potential, use cases, and how to navigate the challenges that might arise during the implementation process.

This event will explore how Copilot can enhance the efficiency of your voice services and provide insights on how to effectively implement it within your organization covering:
  • Unpacking the potential: Understand the common benefits, opportunities, and challenges that companies face when implementing Copilot in Teams Voice.
  • Technical and licensing requirements: The prerequisites needed for implementing Copilot in Teams Voice. Gain an understanding of the necessary infrastructure, network capabilities, and software requirements to ensure a smooth implementation.
  • Next steps and best practices: What to do if you're ready to integrate Copilot into your enterprise voice service and the best way to make it work for your organization. 



Optimizing Frontline Communications with Microsoft Teams Voice 

Frontline workers form the backbone of many industries, and their ability to communicate effectively is crucial for business success. Microsoft Teams Voice provides an opportunity to revolutionize the way frontline workers communicate, collaborate, and perform their roles.

In this event we'll look more closely at that opportunity and offer actionable insights to businesses looking to empower their frontline workforce with Microsoft Teams Voice, covering:

  • Recognizing the potential: Understanding how Microsoft Teams Voice can transform the communication landscape for frontline workers and the unique benefits it can offer to these dynamic roles.
  • Strategies and techniques for digitizing the frontline: Discover how eSIM solutions for mobile communications can ensure seamless connectivity for frontline workers. Learn how to seamlessly integrate legacy equipment, such as door entry systems and alarms, into your UCaaS infrastructure.
  • Navigating implementation: The steps and best practices that are essential to successfully implementing Teams Voice in frontline environments. Understand the unique technical requirements and deployment strategies that need to be considered.


Tania Morrill

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