Pure IP launches Connected Voice, an online Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solution for SMBs


May 4, 2021

Pure IP, a leading global provider of enterprise voice communications, is delighted to announce the launch Connected Voice, a low-touch, cost-effective solution for small and medium sized businesses looking to add voice to Microsoft Teams using Direct Routing.

Connected Voice allows organizations with 100 users and above to order the telephony services they require online directly from Pure IP. The service, which utilizes Pure IP’s secure and reliable cloud-based voice network, provides everything organizations need to set up Direct Routing and add calling to their Teams system.


As an automated cloud-based service, deploying Connected Voice is fast, simple, and requires minimal manual intervention from customers. The only information that customers will need to place an order will be how many users they require.

“The adoption of Microsoft Teams as a collaboration platform has accelerated over the last year for businesses of all sizes, although according to market statistics, it would appear less than 30% of SMBs have moved their telephony into it,” noted Gary Forrest, CEO of Pure IP, “Consolidating their communications stack to Teams has enormous potential to reduce their costs and simplify their operations. Connected Voice is designed to simplify the process of migrating telephony to Teams, eliminate some of the barriers, and provide smaller organizations with a cost-effective Direct Routing solution that unlocks the full benefits of Teams quickly.”

Once connected to Pure IP’s secure, reliable voice network, businesses will benefit from 24/7 technical support and direct access to a team of voice experts, as well as a self-service online portal with advanced management capabilities. Customers will enjoy additional key benefits including:

  • Cost-effective: transparent ‘pay for what you use’ pricing model
  • Simple: quick and easy to set up
  • Reliable: secure, resilient, geo-redundant voice connectivity for Teams provided by a Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Flexible: designed to support bursts in usage without disconnecting calls.

Connected Voice is initially available to organizations based in the UK, USA, and Australia, and will be rolled out in additional regions soon.

Learn more about Connected Voice here >>

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Alessandra Skarlatos

Alessandra joined Pure IP as the Content and Communications Manager in early 2020, after 5 years within the cinema technology sector.

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