Simplify your enterprise telephone number management with Number Connect


April 15, 2021

Pure IP, a leading global provider of enterprise voice communications, is delighted to announce the launch of Number Connect, their new phone number management solution for enterprises.

Number Connect colour logo v1Number Connect provides businesses with a single interface for the management of their organization-wide telephone numbers, regardless of the platform or provider used for those numbers. The solution consolidates data from different sources into a single view with intuitive dashboards and advanced drilldown capabilities, and is accessible on any device via Pure IP’s online Customer Portal. It does this by synchronizing data from the O365 Teams tenant, Pure IP’s carrier voice systems, and data uploaded from other platforms.

“Centralized visibility over your systems and usage is essential in an age of distributed working from anywhere, and we firmly believe that it shouldn’t be as difficult to oversee and manage your organization’s telephone numbers as it is,” said Gary Forrest, CEO at Pure IP, “We are proud to continue offering our customers market-leading, user friendly solutions that streamline their management processes, prioritize interoperability, and give them the flexibility they need in today’s market.”

Number Connect provides capacity and allocation management information company wide, whilst clearly identifying spare numbers and blocks down to sites and users, which allows visibility into both existing, and future usage potential. Users will be able to manage the allocation of numbers directly within the application, and a single dashboard will provide an overview of key information including at-a-glance visibility of allocated and unallocated numbers, their geographic split, number ranges, usage, and total number of users. The service is ideal for organizations with multiple sites and large dispersed workforces, where the management of available phone numbers can be complex, inconsistent, and significant manual effort. As an agnostic solution, Number Connect:

    • Simplifies the management of enterprise-wide phone numbers
    • Saves time, effort and cost by reducing manual management processes
    • Reduces the need for offline spreadsheets to manage data
    • Has no limit on the amount of numbers stored


Number Connect is available now for existing Pure IP customers, and will be released to the general market at a later date.

Alessandra Skarlatos

Alessandra joined Pure IP as the Content and Communications Manager in early 2020, after 5 years within the cinema technology sector.

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