SIP Connect

The intelligent add-on service that connects your analogue and on-premises devices to your cloud environment, for simple migrations and simple management.

Extend the life of your legacy systems

SIP Connect diagram

SIP Connect is perfect for organizations that are migrating their telephony to the cloud with Unified Communications platforms, or are replacing their traditional PSTN services with SIP. 

Bring your legacy investments up to date and online using SIP Connect, to:

  • Provide a unified user experience
  • Integrate your services
  • Port number ranges without having to order a new number for your legacy device, such as a fax machine

Connecting your on-premises devices to the cloud

SIP Connect is an add-on to Pure IP’s fully managed voice service, SeRVE. It reduces your need for separate services by providing connectivity to analogue devices using SIP endpoints.

SIP Connect works by creating a single SIP endpoint in the Pure IP voice network to which SIP registered devices, such as video conferencing units and Analogue Telephone Adapters (ATAs) can be connected to consolidate services. 

For a complete list of compatible systems and devices, please contact us.

Consolidate Services

Move your services to a single network and simplify management.


Improve Visibility

Gain centralize visibility over on-premises devices.

Add Flexibility

Relocate physical devices such as fax machines, door entry systems and video conferencing units.

Enterprise Solutions

Get more from your legacy systems bringing them under one unified cloud service with SIP Connect, available as an add-on for these solutions.