3 ways to speed up your migration to cloud telephony using ReVeal

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July 13, 2021

Are you considering making changes to your communications system? Here we have gathered three quick case studies illustrating the different ways that ReVeal is being used by organizations to streamline their migrations.

Before we get started, here is a brief summary of how ReVeal works:

What is ReVeal?

ReVeal is an automated service that analyzes all the data downloaded from your PBXs and other communications platforms to produce clear, insight-driven reports. These reports present data on key elements of your communications stack, including all of your devices, configuration, user profiles, and license usage, which can then be used to support your migration to your chosen cloud provider/platform.


Use case #1: Fast-tracking a cloud migration project by 80%

Customer profile
A leading aerospace organization with over 9,000 users based in 14 countries wanted to migrate their telephony to the cloud using Microsoft Teams. However, the organization was in the midst of two significant changes: they were splitting their business into separate subsidiaries, and they had recently outsourced most of their IT management to a third party, which had reduced the level of resources available to this cloud migration project.

With much of the information about their existing communications infrastructure no longer at the business, they needed a solution that could extract that data to understand what they had, define their requirements, and then use those requirements to design a solution.

From a technical standpoint, each of their international sites had its own on-premises PBX, with no centralized visibility over users, configuration, or devices. This meant that, as well as the time spent compiling and analyzing the data for each individual system, time would be spent tracking down the correct contacts at each site, training them on extracting the data, and overcoming language barriers, so delays would be inevitable. In addition, many of the customer’s sites were manufacturing plants with a variety of legacy devices that needed to be catalogued so they could make a decision about which ones needed to be connected to the cloud environment.

How did ReVeal help?
ReVeal immediately alleviated the burden on the customer to find and compile the data by themselves, and unblocked the next phases of their migration project.

Prior to using ReVeal, the customer had spent over 5 months collating data manually site-by-site, and they couldn’t proceed to the next phase of their cloud migration until they were done. The boost in efficiency they enjoyed from ReVeal meant they were ready to progress to the next phase of their cloud migration project within weeks.

Using the automated tool, the customer was able to reduce the time spent gathering and analyzing the data by over 80%. Once the data was extracted, detailed reports were generated within hours – by comparison, a report for a single site would take a voice engineer 5 working days on average.


Use case #2: Scoping & unblocking cloud migration for a large multi-national

Customer profile
A leader in environmental control systems with 204 locations and more than 5,500 users set a business priority to move away from their ISDN and on-premises voice solutions. However, the scale of the estate left the customer unsure how to begin scoping a migration project.

Internal stakeholders were concerned about the time and resources that would be used to even gather the requirements for their worldwide operations, let alone actually project manage the deployment of a new voice solution. With all the economic uncertainty that COVID-19 brought over the last year, they were wary of embarking on any project without a clearly defined understanding of the resources involved, which impacted their ability to undertake any internal audits.

However, with so much of their communications stack still based on-premises, and COVID-19 restrictions still in effect, they were struggling to provide their users with a remote working solution they were happy with. These factors made it both impractical for the customer to calculate the scope of a migration project on their own, but also an unacceptable business risk to delay the exploration of new solutions any further.

How did ReVeal help?
The customer began by using ReVeal on their EU cluster, which serviced 22 offices throughout the region. With a clear upfront cost, and just a single extraction of data from the cluster, ReVeal provided the customer with multiple reports that could be sliced using a range of criteria to hone in on the specific data points relevant to a migration project. The value of these reports was twofold, in that the customer could use them to define their requirements now, and their future voice provider could then use them to configure and deploy their new services.

Ultimately, ReVeal dramatically accelerated the customer’s migration plans by demonstrating how simple and quick it can be for them to gather the information they need to compare their options, and decide on their strategy going forward.


Use case #3: Making a smooth transition to Microsoft Teams

Customer profile
A global technical consultancy with 20 sites decided to move away from their existing telephony environment, which was based in 3 regional clusters, to Microsoft Teams using Direct Routing. To prevent any delays or complications, and to ensure they could achieve feature parity between their old system and Microsoft Teams, they decided to take advantage of ReVeal.

How did ReVeal help?
Reveal was used to perform a report for each of the 3 regions to provide the customer with a comprehensive understanding of what they had in place, who was using the existing services, and to highlight the following crucial pieces of information:

  • Configuration: Listing the features that were configured on the existing system, including voicemail, call forwards, and calling access to ensure the correct configuration would be recreated in Teams.
  • Validating users: Reveal itemized all the devices and users configured on the existing system, removed the duplicates, and condensed them into one list of proposed users for Teams.
  • Business Critical Call flows: Main numbers and customer facing call queues were exported for analysis, which allowed the customer to re-work some of them to deliver improvements via Teams.
  • Visibility of anything unexpected: The reports provide a complete overview of the phone system and details on all handsets and analogue devices, which enabled confirmation that nothing would be missed during the new solution design and migration.

Using ReVeal as part of the Discovery process at the start of their migration to Microsoft Teams streamlined everything from gathering their requirements, gaining visibility over potential complications, and configuring their new services.


Accelerate your journey to the cloud

When it comes to making any significant change to your telephone systems, it is important to have a clear understanding of your existing infrastructure and how it’s being used. Designed with multi-site organizations in mind, ReVeal is the perfect way to scope out your project, create an informed solution design, and identify any complications ahead of your roll-out.

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Alessandra Skarlatos

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