Two New Updates for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing


September 10, 2019

As every IT leader knows, technology moves fast. That’s why it’s critical to stay on top of emerging trends – especially for new technologies like Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams. In fact, Microsoft has made several announcements over the past few weeks that that are relevant for Direct Routing users, including updates about Audio Conferencing and 3PIP devices. Read our article to get the full details about these updates:

Audio Conferencing for Direct Routing is Available for GCCH and DoD

GCC High and DoD are Microsoft subgroups that represent the Government Community Cloud and the United States Department of Defense - groups that were created in order to meet the additional standards required by the United States public sector. Notably, this update allows government workers who use Direct Routing to call in to meetings from their phones, which is helpful for attendees that are out of the office and cannot use the Teams app on their laptops or other devices. Audio Conferencing can also be beneficial for users that have limited internet, who are joining audio-only meetings, or who want to use Bluetooth devices.

Although Audio Conferencing is only available for the public sector, this announcement could be a signal of what’s to come. With Skype for Business Online officially being retired in 2021, it’s reasonable to wonder if Microsoft will soon provide the same functionalities for Audio Conferencing as it did previously with Skype for Business Online. Regardless, there are still many newly released features for Direct Routing that are helpful for existing Teams users, including the availability of auto attendants and call queues, media bypass, and, in the near future, voicemail shared mailboxes.

Skype for Business Online 3PIP Phones Will Be Phased Out By July 31st, 2023

Users will soon have to replace any existing Skype for Business Online devices with Teams certified phones. Although selections aren’t as broad as Skype for Business, which has over 30 desk phone options, users can still choose from 15 different Teams phones from vendors AudioCodes, Crestron, Yealink, and Poly. Additionally, Yealink models T55, T56A, and T58A, and Crestron models Flex UC-P100-S and Flex UC-P110-S are all upgradeable to Teams. Notably, Microsoft has also released statements suggesting that the feature set for these Teams phones may be expanded in the future.

It’s also important to note that, although available until 2023, the functionality of 3PIP phones will be limited. Teams users should start planning a transition away from their Skype for Business 3PIP devices as soon as possible as there are many features that are available with native Teams phones that are not supported with Skype for Business devices, including tools for joining meetings, viewing calendars, and reading voicemail transcripts. Features that are still supported with Skype for Business 3PIP devices can be found here.

Get Started with Direct Routing

With all the latest updates for Direct Routing, companies have more reason than ever to get started with the future of collaboration. Powering seamless voice communications, Direct Routing gives you access to the global coverage, specialised services, and tailored solutions you need for truly effortless calling in Teams. If you're ready to get the most out of your Microsoft licensing invesment, make sure to check out Pure IP's flexible and quickly deployable Direct Routing solution, which includes failover engineering to geo-redundant secondary SBCs, 24/7 dedicated support, and international coverage in 90 countries.

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