Pure IP Announces Mobile Connect for Microsoft Teams


March 18, 2024

NEW YORK, NY, MARCH 18, 2024 –Pure IP, a BCM One company and a leader in enterprise voice solutions globally, has announced the launch of their new Mobile Connect solution for Microsoft Teams. Powered by Tango Extend, Pure IP's Mobile Connect brings the voice capabilities of Microsoft Teams to mobile devices, allowing mobile and frontline workers to communicative natively without the use of an app or a company-issued mobile phone. 

Mobile Connect enables businesses to adopt a cost-effective BYOD approach to providing a seamless communications experience to non-desk-based users without compromising on security or other corporate communication policies. The solution allows users to utilize their Microsoft Teams Operator Connect or Direct Routing number with a secondary eSIM on their personal mobiles, empowering them to use their Teams Phone number to make and receive calls. Unlike traditional approaches, Mobile Connect allows users to leverage the native dialer of the mobile phone, eliminating the need for a separate app. This innovative solution ensures a seamless calling experience while providing a single, secure, and business-controlled solution with unified presence, voicemail, and compliance recording via Microsoft Teams.

"Pure IP's Mobile Connect solution addresses a pressing need among today's workforce — especially frontline and mobile employees — by providing a seamless and reliable user experience for their daily communications without the hassle of additional costly hardware or applications," said Diana Florea, Technical Solutions Director at Pure IP.

"Frontline workers comprise over 80% of the world’s workforce, and many of them are unconnected or have a disjointed experience when it comes to business communications. This solution streamlines communication, enabling workers everywhere to use their chosen mobile devices while upholding the professional features and security standards of their organization's Microsoft Teams Phone System."

Pure IP's Mobile Connect delivers cost efficiency by integrating a secure business line with the necessary corporate policies into personal phones, eliminating the need to carry two phones and at a fraction of the cost of a business phone. To ensure clear communication, the solution automatically separates business and personal contacts. The service uses the native phone dialer for a natural calling experience and offers quick and easy installation with eSIM and QR provisioning for remote setup within minutes.

For more information, please visit https://www.pure-ip.com/mobile-connect

Tania Morrill

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