Microsoft Teams shines for enterprise communications


April 29, 2020

Ian Guest, Pure IP's Marketing Director, recently shared his thoughts on the rapid adoption of Microsoft Teams around the world, and the trends we have noticed in an article. In it, he writes:

"There is no doubting that the current situation is bringing out the best in Microsoft Teams. The promise and potential of Teams as a truly unified enterprise communications and collaboration tool has been steadily growing over recent years, and as large parts of the global economy were forced into lockdown and remote working, the adoption of Microsoft Teams accelerated. At the end of March, Microsoft announced the daily active users of the platform had risen to 44 million, a massive 50% increase on what had previously been announced at the turn of the year.

We are seeing the trend within our own customer base, as businesses reflect on their enterprise communications strategies, many are starting to step up their migration to Teams. We estimate that over 60% of our current customers are either actively moving, or have moved, telephony services to Teams, most using the Direct Routing option. With enterprise telephony still a business critical service, the fact that so many businesses are entrusting the Microsoft Teams platform to deliver the service is testament to its maturity.

The popularity of Teams is no real surprise, but has been helped by several high-profile security concerns around applications such as Zoom, as well as failures with platforms like Cisco being able to reliably support home working strategies.  Microsoft Teams offers a secure, collaborative and feature rich experience both with the desktop and mobile client.  In fact, the mobile experience is very good for an application that has its roots in the desktop world."

If you are on the Teams journey, we would be only too happy to help.  Whether you need assistance optimizing Teams for telephony using Direct Routing, support for in-house migration projects or a technical expert to do the work for you.  We offer advice and support in setting up and configuring the service, as well as a secure global voice platform to connect it to the outside world. Let’s talk.

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