Integrating Voice Across your Business

Integrating voice across the ever-evolving platforms, systems and applications for maximum connectivity, and a unified management and user experience. 

At Pure IP, we believe in connecting the old with the new, providing external voice connectivity to a variety of different platforms, systems, applications and devices. Our strategy has always been one of being agnostic in terms of connectivity giving our customers choice, flexibility and the ability to manage all their voice services through a single, connected communications service from one supplier.

Voice Platforms

Voice has always been at the heart of our services, providing secure and resilient external calling to on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments from traditional PBX telephone systems to cloud-based platforms such as Microsoft Teams (via Direct Routing and Operator Connect) and Zoom, all delivered as a Managed Service.

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Connecting With The Old

With the relentless evolution of technology organizations inevitably have services that they are unable to migrate to the cloud. We can assist by providing connectivity to your legacy world, extending the life of services such as fax, DECT, door entry systems and a host of others, allowing you to manage them through a single connected service.

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Contact Centers

Contact Centers are commonplace in many businesses, playing an important role in customer service activities and other interactions. Our application neutral approach enables us to provide external inbound and outbound voice connectivity to contact centers from a variety of leading providers, allowing customers complete flexibility and choice.

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Dynamics Call Connect

Call Recording

Whether for compliance or training purposes, we can offer connectivity and integration to industry leading call recording applications, helping you meet regulatory requirements and improvement programs within your business. Delivered as an add-on service to existing customers using our core voice managed services.      

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Business Applications

Adding voice to business applications such as Microsoft Dynamics, a CRM platform that enables businesses to build a 360-degree view of their customers. Using our voice services connected via Microsoft Azure Communications Services, we can facilitate inbound and outbound calling with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to provide an intuitive and unified user experience.

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Azure cloud Hosted Applications

Azure Cloud Hosted Applications

The flexibility of the Microsoft Azure cloud is facilitating the evolution of new line of business applications designed to address specific market requirements. Through the utilisation of Azure Communications Services, we are able to bring these applications to life through the addition of voice services delivered as a managed service.

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