Add Teams voice to your portfolio with eVoc2

Working with Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Telco’s to unlock the revenue potential of Microsoft Teams Calling quickly and efficiently with Operator Connect and Pure IP’s eVoc2.

Introducing eVoc2

Designed for Telcos and other Service Providers, Pure IP’s eVoc2 provides a quick, simple and low touch way for you to enable Teams Calling for your clients with Operator Connect. 

With our online automated tooling, eVoc2 does the hard work for you, from self-service provisioning to online management, leaving you to focus on the customer relationship.

Help your customers reap the benefits of cloud telephony with Microsoft Teams and eVoc2 – enabling voice with Operator Connect through the power of 2 – you and us!

eVoc2 intro

Program Benefits

With our eVoc2 program, everyone benefits. We will help you enable your customers take advantage of cloud telephony with Microsoft Teams using Operator Connect, while retaining and growing your client base.

Benefits to Your Customers

•   Accelerates the realization of the cloud telephony benefits​
•   Quick and streamlined​
•   Light of effort​
•   No on-site hardware​
•   Secure, trusted and reliable service

Benefits to You

•   Improved retention by reducing competitive risk​
•   Commercial benefits​
•   Low-touch, quick and simple​
•   Cost-effectively add Operator Connect to your offering

How it works

An end-to-end process with the eVoc2 portal central to facilitating a fast and streamlined process, including the automated provisioning of numbers. Customer services can go-live in the matter of minutes.

eVoc2 How it works_final

Program Options

The eVoc2 is a program designed specifically for US-based MSP’s and Telco’s, with two different flexible engagement models to meet the different partner needs .

Telco Enable

For Telco's who have their own billing infrastructure and wish to integrate the white-label Operator Connect services into its portfolio to provide a seamless experience for customers.


✓   API integration with eVoc2 portal
✓   Telco direct billing to customer
✓   Partner sales cycle support
Online quote generation
Automated online ordering and service provisioning
✓   Utilizes Pure IP's trusted Operator Connect
        managed service
2nd line customer support
Management portal
Access to Pure IP's wider portfolio of services

Partner Enabled

For MSP organizations seeking a quick and low-cost way to add Operator Connect to their offering without the integration or additional support costs.


✓   Partners sales cycle support
✓   Pure IP handles customer billing; partner receives
        monthly payment from Pure IP

✓   Online quote generation
✓   Automated online ordering and service provisioning
✓   Utilizes Pure IP's trusted Operator Connect
        managed service

✓   1st line customer support direct to end customer
✓   Management portal
✓   Access to Pure IP's wider portfolio of services
“There are significant benefits for both partners and customers to migrate telephony to Microsoft Teams. eVoc2 is designed to help unlock that potential.”
Gary Forrest, CEO Pure IP